Links for Episode one: Tracking

Yahoo announces to join other internet browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer to implement a Do Not Track Header for their global network. However, according to the Wall Street Journal and many other sources the header may convey a false sense of web user protection.

The Do Not Track Mechanism still being subject to self-regulation the FTC calls Congress to pass a Privacy Bill of Rights – this video of Slate gives a brief overview.

In Brazil smart clothes keep students from cutting school. According to the Huffington Post 20 000 students are now wearing school uniforms with RFID chips. If students dont’t show up 20 minutes after class starts, their parents are informed via text message.

This App is better than every wingman you could possibly find. Combining data from Foursquare and Facebook it locates girls in your surroundings and serves them up on a plate to you including their profile pictures. Sick or sickening?

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